All I wanna do is make things with ink. I want more time to do more drawing, but feel its very tricky to create an adequate routine for this.Time is really annoying… I complain about it alot. I like too many different things and this has been my problem for a very long time.

Do you believe in this 10,000 hours to be an expert thing?

I feel that its one thing to spend that many hours actually doing a specific skill, but what about all the time we need to expand our visual library and brain? Research, reading, walking, playing music, honouring relationships, reflecting etc. How can we measure the time we spend that INFORMS the work, vs. the work itself?

Also, what about natural talent vs. practice? Also, who has 10K of time to spare? 

When I talk to students about drawing/making things, I compare it to yoga practise. Its ongoing. Until you’re dead. Don’t expect it to have an ending, ever. No glorious finish line. Just keep going forever and ever. It will often be awkward, difficult, and uncomfortable. Accept this. Hopefully then, you can savour the journey a little more.