Nature ink drawings

I love to do nature drawings in the summer. This summer, I am trying a personal challenge where I do a couple of ink drawings a week based on plants I find on runs/walks in the river valley, or plants that are growing in the garden. This will hopefully keep me practising with ink and brush work. I took a Yuko skillshare course (amazing) in May and realizing I have soon much to learn about how to capture certain types of surface textures with india ink.

I document lots of my drawing progress at @amandaschutzie.

Morel (above): Found this exact mushroom on a mushroom walk at Elk Island National Park.

Lilac: Honestly the best smell imaginable outside in late spring. I have very old lilac trees in the back yard and love to snip these and put them inside the house. Its always a little sad when they are finished for the season.

String of Pearl: One of my absolute favourite succulents. I found a larger pot of these at the greenhouse this spring so I have it hanging in my kitchen.