Spaghetti Tree for Avenue

Here’s a quick look into my process for an Editorial illustration I completed this fall for Avenue Edmonton, Top 40 under 40 issue(last page). Final art was created in india ink and coloured in Photoshop.

The story, written by Beth Graham, is about a man remembering his Grandfather through cooking food with ingredients bought at the Italian Centre. The story was so nice to read, instantly romanticizing the sensory experience of Italian food mixed in with warm memories of family. 

The sketch that was selected is blending concept of family tree with Italian food, adding all the perfect ingredients for a fond memory of family. The sketch that was not selected references the character’s grandfather as its mentioned he had an impressive nose and penchant for arm wrestling… I thought it would be interesting to include him on the packaging of Roma tomatoes.

How perfect to work on an illustration about grandpa’s, eating and the italian centre, as these are all my favourite things. I love to order soy latte with a ham and cheese croissant, having the barista warm/squish the croissant in the panini grill so the cheese is warm and a little crunchy 😉 I think I should invite my Grandpa next time I go…

Special thanks to Pete Nguyen for being a great/helpful Art Director to work with.

Sketch concepts:

In print: