Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose

I’m excited to share this project, Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose. I’ve been working with the The Friends of Rutherford Society since early 2015 to develop a 32 page children’s book telling the story of the history of Edmonton.

This project has basically been what I’ve been living and breathing for many months. I’m so happy to play a role in this project as I love Edmonton and I love living in Old Strathcona. We truly live in a vibrant city and I hope this book will help kids and adults learn more about the city and appreciate the natural and historical beauty Edmonton has to offer.

I was fortunate to work with Thomas Wharton, who wrote the story. My client has self published the book and will be selling 10,000 hardcover copies in the upcoming months to raise money to preserve and promote Edmonton’s history. They will be sold for $15 each.

I’ll be selling all of the original ink drawings (framed, thanks to lots of help from my client, Ashley!), and those will be on display at Rutherford House and Stanley A. Milner Library.  If tI receive enough interest in the work, I will consider making additional prints, especially ones that highlight Edmonton’s beautiful history and attractions, like High Level Bridge, The Legislature, Princess & Garneau Theatre, Strathcona Public Library, and of course, Rutherford House. If you are interested in purchasing the work, feel free to contact me at!

About the Book:

Robin had no idea that a trip to Rutherford House with her grandma would lead to an adventure with a time-travelling moose! Come with Robin and Rutherford as they journey through Edmonton’s history, from the ice age to the present day, and discover how our city has changed through time. This 32-page adventure visits such sites as Rutherford House, the Alberta Legislature, Strathcona Library, Princess Theatre, the High Level Bridge and Garneau Theatre.

Links for you to check out:

– Edmonton Journal Article
– Pre-order/Order online at Rutherford’s website

Events to make you aware of:

Media Launch: Dec 9, 2015 at 3 PM
Launch to the public: Dec 12, 2015, Audrey’s Books at 2 PM

Enough talking, here are a series of images showcasing some of the work!

Original ink drawings:

12_rutherford 14_rutherford 13_rutherford

Some of the final art:

schutz blog 1 schutz blog 2 schutz blog 3 schutz blog 4 schutz blog 5

Initial sketches of the characters, including the Grandma, who started as an animal instead of human :):

schutz blog 6 schutz blog 7 schutz blog 8