New year, New website

I’m super happy to start off 2016 with a brand new website. This is an exciting step because I have been slowly going in a different direction with my illustration work. Now, I finally have a portfolio that shows what I have illustrated in the last couple of years!

I feel more open to all different types of media these days, but my focus is definitely working with ink and brush. Sometimes I colour digitally, sometimes not. I’ve been able to apply this technique to various editorial and commercial illustrations as well as a children’s book I finished late last year.

In the fall, I went to Kananaskis with Matt and took some photographs of moss and lichen. I started to play around with breaking down the forms and interpreting them with ink. I created these 20 original ink illustrations with yellow and black ink, each one different. All of these have been carefully folded into individually unique invitations to our wedding in July.

My plan for 2016 is to continue exploring these abstract ink studies and see what comes out of it!

A big thank you to Stefan, Bryan K & Bryan B over at Kobot for creating the new site. These guys even knew to design with yellow in mind.

Happy New Year!IMG_4820 IMG_4762 IMG_4754