2016: Year of the Ink Blob

I’ve started to make more studies with abstract forms and mark making. I usually use ink, watercolour, oil pastel, pencil crayons and acrylics. These makes me so happy because I can let my mind go and just use a brush, mostly experimenting with simple compositions, contrast and different styles of marks that the brush can make. This activity is my version of using an adult colouring book. 

These are inspired from photos of lichen, moss, rocks, etc. Some images I have taken while camping, others reference imagery I have found in books and on the internet. I’ve had this book by Albertus Seba for many  years and I come back to it over and over to look at botanical drawings of anemone, fish and plants.

I’ve started to build up a collection of vector patterns based on these, I’d love to have those printed on fabric in the coming months. We’ll see where it goes!

IMG_5246 IMG_5245 IMG_5238 IMG_5231 IMG_5140