Prenatal Yoga Illustrations

I am expecting a baby in late January. Yoga has become an important part of my life in recent years, so I made some prenatal yoga spot illustrations. I’m really finding the practice has brought extra joy and mindfulness to this pregnancy… also I noticed one day in sunrise class the baby liked it when I went up into a wheel pose (lots of kicking!). Overall, enjoying and respecting all the body changes has been easier when I feel strong in my yoga practice.

I have drawn out the following poses: Wheel, triangle, camel, garland, pigeon and headstand. I have found it to be important to your body is at and be mindful about how you push yourself at different times. For example, I was careful about headstand in the first three months… modifying backbends depending on energy level throughout, and avoiding deep twists throughout, among other things. If you take a prenatal class or get a book you can learn about all the tips you need to enjoy yoga as the baby grows. Enjoy!

backbend prenatalyoga_triangle prenatalyoga_camel prenatalyoga_squat prenatalyoga_pigeon