Pattern Feature – Abstraction

This is a sample of one of my favourite projects from last year, a pattern design turned into a sewn infinity scarf. This is a prototype, my lovely friend made four scarves, but perhaps it will grow into something more later in 2017.

This particular pattern was created with oil pastel, ink, pencil crayon and photoshop. I included it in my first look book of patterns as part of a series called ‘Abstraction’ This look book isn’t publicly available for viewing, but if you’d like to browse the catalogue or have interest in a pattern collaboration, drop me a line and I’ll send you a password to my private portfolio.

Here is the introduction to the Abstraction series:

Any good work, as far as I can tell, is the product of mining the right spot between the focused and the unconscious, between nature and technology, tradition and innovation, logic and inspiration. I think that, when I accidentally started making my ink blobs, I found a way to explore those spaces, consequence-free, letting whatever was in my head express itself using different techniques, media, colours, and forms. This abstraction collection works with all of these elements, capturing patterns that feel like an in-progess artist canvas. Oil pastel, ink, and pencil crayon are all incorporated into the Abstraction collection.