The Lichen Grant

Some updates on progress for my Lichen Grant! Its been an amazing challenge getting through this body of work with a newborn… so much so that its is hard for me to justify taking precious nap time to write a blog post, but here we go.

For those of you who have not heard me blabber on about the project, this is what it is, I will explain it….

In partnership with a lichenologist from the Royal Alberta Museum and individual arts grant funding from the Edmonton Arts Council, am creating approximately 30 new works focused on lichen species found in Edmonton’s river valley. These works will range from representational ‘botanical’ style illustration, my more gestural painting and inking style, and (my fave!) abstract mark making based on microscopic forms that will translate into a series of surface patterns. Some will be created with pencil on paper, others will be gouache on wood and the surface patterns will likely start traditionally and finish digitally.

The goal would be to exhibit this artwork and eventually (hopefully!) have a walk through ‘learn about lichen’ installation right within the Edmonton River Valley. I have not even begun researching who I can talk to about making something like this happen.

For those of you who know me and follow my work, this is a dream project and very in line with the direction I want to take. I couldn’t be more grateful for this funding and Diane Haughland for working with me. 

I have done alot of photographing and reading about the 10 species and just digging in to some of the drawings, which I have included samples of for you to see. This is a great time of year to be wandering around in the river valley with baby JJ as the snow as just melted and new leaves have not sprouted… lichen is everywhere!

Thank you for following along with my strange and wonderful art project for 2017 🙂