FPO MacEwan Alumni Exhibition

I am part of an exhibition called FPO (For Position Only) at the John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery at MacEwan’s Faculty of Fine Art & Communications. The exhibition will be up from January 12 – March 9, 2018.

I find myself feeling sentimental about this exhibit for a few reasons. When you are in an ‘alumni’ show, you kinda realize you have been doing a thing for quite some time, so you look at the whole journey of your career. I look at my own contribution and (this is unusual) I am actually quite happy with it. The visual language feels intentional, I know it came with lots of thinking and effort. I know for sure, this work and process is me. Additionally, the other alumni designs/artworks are really incredible. Finally, I did this and more throughout 2017 while raising a newborn and I don’t really understand how I even survived that aspect. I feel that at this time, I am enough… and I am excited for what the years ahead will bring. 

The exhibition itself was conceptualized/designed by Robyn and Jeff at Cut & Paste <3

Here are a few photos for you to see.

Photo credits go to Mat Simpson and Blaine Campbell.