Icon 2018 Recap

I had such a blast at ICON 10.

It was such a whirlwind experience! Over 30 speakers, a few workshops (with Chronicle Books, Lille Carre and Nottene) and hangouts with some lovely illustrators from Edmonton throughout.

A few highlights for me: I had my lichen drawing in the conference exhibition, we saw an insane amount of public art/murals, and I figured out its ok to want to do all different things instead of specialize in one thing. I thought I would come back from the conference with a clear single direction. Not so! I will continue to play in making comics, developing patterns, botanical illustration, commercial illustration, painting, kids books, murals, design and whatever the hell else I want because its ALL really fun to explore 🙂 Also, many illustrators approach their art practice like this (and celebrate it), which was reassuring to me.

Photos and notes from the trip: