Protect Alberta Parks – Tool Kit

I have so many amazing memories of my childhood camping in Alberta. We were a family who did not have budget for Disney vacations and I’m sure many in 2020 feel the same. Many of us rely on getaways in Alberta nature to unplug, exercise and take care of our mental health. Jake is just beginning to really enjoy connecting with nature and I very much want to build those memories with him, too. I want to teach him the importance of conservation. Closing, selling/privatizing our parks is a sad, slippery slope where next generations won’t have this beautiful land to cherish. This is not only about what WE get from this land but preserving space for animal and plant species to thrive. Please consider writing letters, signing petitions, and fighting for Alberta Parks.

If you would like to dive deeper into the details of what is happening with Alberta parks, consider reading 13 Truths and a Lie About the Announced Changes to Alberta Parks.

Some supporting facts:
• The UCP has released a list of cuts it is making to the parks system, including 20 full or partial closures.
• The public will be barred from 11 of those parks, while nine will be accessible but without any services.
• Another 164 parks are to be handed over to third parties to manage.
• The UCP says the changes, which it calls “optimizing Alberta’s parks,” will save $5 million.

I believe preserving Alberta’s natural heritage matters for future generations. Feel free to share if you agree, and/or browse the links below for action items and further information!

CPAWS Petition
Lead Now Petitions
Template Letter for 2020 Alberta Parks Cuts

News Articles (will update with more as I discover them):
20 Alberta Parks slated for full or partial closures –, March 2020
Alberta Parks Closures, Privatizations Announced By Kenney Gov’t. –, March 2020
Corbella: Alberta Parks are not for sale — not one square, March 2020

How privatization has gone in the USA:
Privatizing State Parks Can Save Them — or Wreck Them –, Dec 2019

If you would like to utilize my illustrations (below) to share info on this issue, you can download them here.

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